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HELL YEAH, I’M ALWAYS GONNA WEAR MY SAW ‘EM OFF SHIRTS AND BE A REDASS 12TH MAN ALL DAY ERRDAY!!! Srsly though, I will always love and support my Ags. They made me so proud yesterday, we all really gave so much of our hearts into it and no matter the outcome it felt amazing to be able to be united with so many people. It was beautiful and no words can describe it at all. Those dirty t-sips didn’t deserve the win, but at least we can say we gave them hell in the student section and on the field despite Tannehill playing with broken ribs, Cyrus Gray not playing, Swope suffering from Fuller’s butterfinger syndrome, and biased as fuuuck refs. So yeah, ya’ll won but just barely and I hope you never forget the sinking feeling you had when you realized that we were, are, and forever will be the superior team who will BTHO your band, fans, and teams. Go ahead and brag about the 2pts you beat us by.. I’ll sit here and be happy as hell I never have to have that UGLY color on my field again until 2018. THANKS & GIG ‘EM!!!